International Conference on “Ayurvedic Bhasm and Nanomedicine”

An International Conference on “Ayurvedic Bhasm and Nanomedicine” was organized at Biotech Park, Lucknow by Omics Biotechnology, USA; ACS-Bioinformatics, India and Science Awareness Society, India. About 150 participants from India and abroad participated in this one day conference and discussed various aspects on Ayurvedic Bhasm and Nanomedicine.

Sri. Rajesh Tripathi, Hon’ble Minister (State), Homeopath and Religious Work, U.P. was the Chief Guest of the inauguration session. While addressing the participants Hon’ble Minister assured all support of State Government for Research and industrial setup at Biotech Park in the area of Ayurvedic Medicine and Nanomedicine. Prof. P.K. Seth, CEO, Biotech Park, during his presidential address, emphasised upon the need of developing Nanomedicine using Ayurvedic knowledge base in India. He further said that the current approaches in Nanomedicine include delivery of therapeutic nanoparticles using nanosystems such as nanomachine and nano-robots in order to extend bioactivity and high performance characteristic of the drug. A programmed nano-robot can be used for specific biological tasks. When injected into the systemic circulation, these nano-robots may work at the level of a cell performing therapeutic functions such as cleaning arteries, wound healing, repairing tissue, destroying microbes and cancer cells, and even favourably modifying the aging process. Nanomedicine is already making remarkable impact in drug discovery, diagnostics, quantum dot-based biomarkers for onco-surgery and therapeutic interventions. Further, Prof. Seth informed the participants about the facilities in Biotech Park, its activities and progress made so far. He invited industries to setup their R&D and production facility of Nanomedicine at Biotech Park, Lucknow.

Prof. Rajavashisth Tripathi, UCLA, USA during his introductory / key lecture expressed the need to provide the scientific basis to Ayurvedic Bhasm being used in India. He also expressed the need of cooperation between US scientists and Professors with Indian scientists and explore the possibility of commercializing the Indian Ayurvedic knowledge so that Indian industries can develop and produce Nanomedicine in future. Prof. A.K. Khanna, Director, Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow, was the Special Guest of the conference. He stressed the need of better R&D activities in the area of nanomedicine and nanotechnology. He assured that all the possible technical support shall be provided by IET, Lucknow to industries at Biotech Park, Lucknow. Dr. B.N. Mishra, Organizing Secretary, ICABN and Head, Department of Biotechnology, Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow, discussed the importance of conference and gave details of expert lectures and discussions to be held throughout the day. Sri. Mridul Shukla from NBRI, Lucknow gave Vote of Thanks to Chief Guest, President of the function, Special Guest and all other delegates of the conference.

After the inaugural session, Hon’ble Minister along with other delegates visited the facilities established at Biotech Park. He took keen interest and appreciated the efforts and progress made by the park. The conference was divided in two technical sessions. The First Technical Session-Ayurvedic Bhasm was chaired by Prof. Yamini B. Tripathi from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. Prof. Vaidya B.B. Mishra, President, Provincial Ayurved Congress, U.P. Lucknow gave a talk on “Importance of Parad (Mercury) in Ayurvedic Bhasm”. Dr. K.R.C. Reddy, Professor and Head, Rasa Shastra, IMS, BHU, Varanasi spoke on “Concept of Bhasm with Special Reference to Lauha Bhasm”. The Second Technical Session- Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology was chaired by Dr. Poonam Kakkar, Deputy Director, ITRC, Lucknow. The first lecture of the session was delivered by Dr. Yamini B. Tripathi, Professor, BHU, Varanasi on “Novel Use of Gold Nanoparticles in Enhancing the Bio-Efficacy of Ayurvedic Drugs”. Dr. Amit Mishra, Scientist, CDRI, Lucknow gave a talk on “Design and Process Considerations for Preparation and Standardization of Ayurvedic Nanomaterials”. Ms. Priyansha Singh, ACS Bioinformatics, Biotech Park, Lucknow gave a talk on “Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology: An Overview. After the Technical Sessions, Valedictory Function was held.

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